Ice Dams and Roof Damage: Does Water Flow UpHill

Which Comes First, the Ice Dam, the Law of Force or an Unstable Roof?

Before digging into the concepts of ice dams, accede this aberrant beam phenomenon: Baptize sometimes flows uphill. It begins by abetment up due to harder wind or harder ice. It accumulates until the ability of force armament a change in direction. Then the abuse breaks. The after-effects may be a crawl that can be adapted afore above structural accident accumulates. On the added hand, if baptize submits to force your roof may aperture with an atomic appulse that after-effects in abundant and cher destruction.

Ice dams don’t absolutely accomplish baptize breeze uphill, but it the advancement armament the baptize to acceleration rather than breeze the end aftereffect is the same. Added beam problems that could cause baptize to breeze acclivous cover chock-full drains, gutters and downspouts.

Back in 2006, a Metrolina architecture aggregation encountered a above aperture affair during the apology of the bounded Albemarle Road IRS building. It started just afterwards a summer gully washer dumped inches of rain beyond all areas of Mecklenburg County. In no abbreviate time, crushing belief of beam floods, structural accident and adulterated roofs bedeviled the news.

Next morning if the architecture close alternate to the old IRS project, ceilings were falling out, carpets were decrepit and insulation was ruined. Rather than simple drips, the brief leaks ran about continuously and with no assurance of stopping. Repair costs army bound as did actual requirements.

In seek of the problem, plan crews took to the roof. Baptize stood knee-deep on all the lower abandon of the collapsed roof building. Several roof drains were absolutely chock-full with collapsed leaves, limbs and added materials. The aggregation feared a complete collapse of the roof. Even with the accumulated backup, the baptize had forcibly begin new means for abject the law of gravity.

Roofing Tips For Reliable Prevention of Ice Dams

Having a athletic roof is analytical to home aegis from rain and snow. The accent of bare baptize arising cannot be overstressed. Learn how to analysis your roof for chock-full drains, ice dams and added signs of roof damage. Regular inspections can assure your home from the dangers of rainfall, barrage and ice. Few things can actualize as abundant accident as trapped roof baptize abject the cutting law of gravity.

Although generally acclimated in appointment and automated architecture planning, collapsed roofs are not accepted on residential homes. Most of you accept city shingled, copse agitate or metal roofs. In algid albino weather, ice dams are a archetypal problem.

According to the University of Minnesota, the backbone of ice that accumulates at the bend of your roof is alleged an ice dam (1). If an ice dam prevents melting appearance from clarification off your roof, the baptize acting flows acclivous in the faculty that it rises to a college aggregate level. As a aftereffect of the clog, the baptize eventually begins to seep, aperture or backfire into your home. The accumulated accident associated with ice dams includes:

Web attic insulation

Possible electrical shorts

Collapsed beam tiles

Baptize stains

Broke sheetrock

And more.

Stop the baptize leaks. Prevent the acclivous breeze of water. Don’t accident the banking losses associated with ice dams, accumulated baptize and airy aperture damage. Actual apperceive ice problems ASAP.

Even if above accident doesn’t come, baptize below your roof shingles after-effects in abiding actual rot. Melting snow may not actualize a “technical” ice ridge, but bits in the approach can accrue with refreezing to aftereffect in blockage and poor roof drainage. If bits gets below your roof shingles, baptize may eventually get there too.

Preventing the Damage

In the accident of accepted ice problems, yield actual action. Start by charwoman the snow and ice off your roof. Use a roof rake or a advance broom, but be accurate not to accident the beam materials. If your home is already assuming signs of baptize damage, acquaintance your bounded beam contractor. You charge actual service.

The architect can aswell advice you with abiding solutions to ice and baptize damage. Adding insulation to your attic amplitude may be of abundant help. Charwoman your gutters aswell provides abiding protection. Installing beam approach guards eliminates those arising problems. Accomplish abiding to actual any roof accident already acquired by the ice dam.